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17 October 2011 @ 5pm

favorite episodes project
Lost 1.20 Do No Harm

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tags: depressing episodes are the best episodes lost boone carlyle ian somerhalder jack shephard matthew fox shannon rutherford maggie grace favorite episodes project mine5
1 July 2011 @ 4pm

How did you feel when she died?

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tags: ship ship shippy ship ship lost boone carlyle ian somerhalder shannon rutherford maggie grace shannon/boone graphics mine4
7 June 2011 @ 6pm

Lost 1x21 - The Greater Good
(asked by notinportland-

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tags: lost shannon rutherford maggie grace boone carlyle ian somerhalder graphics mine4
15 May 2011 @ 12pm

themedparty challenge 12: DVD extras
LOST Channel 4 UK promo

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tags: aka that promo where everyone danced and was attractive even though i don't know why claire is dancing with boone trolol themedparty lost sayid jarrah naveen andrews shannon rutherford maggie grace kate austen evangeline lilly jack shephard matthew fox james 'sawyer' ford josh holloway boone carlyle ian somerhalder claire littleton emilie de ravin sun kwon yunjin kim jin kwon daniel dae kim graphics mine3
7 April 2011 @ 5pm
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tags: they're all so pretty how is this fair emilie de ravin evangeline lilly yunjin kim maggie grace graphics mine2
6 April 2011 @ 4pm
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tags: um i was going to make an lj picspam but then this happened lost evangeline lilly matthew fox josh holloway jorge garcia yunjin kim daniel dae kim emilie de ravin dominic monaghan harold perrineau michael emerson tania raymonde elizabeth mitchell jeremy davies michelle rodriguez maggie grace ian somerhalder terry o'quinn if i forgot anyone i'm sorry but there are a lot of you graphics mine2
4 April 2011 @ 5pm
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tags: maggie grace graphics mine2
29 March 2011 @ 6pm
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tags: shhh I ship it a lot shhhh LOST Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder Shannon Rutherford Maggie Grace Shannon/Boone graphics mine2
11 February 2011 @ 7pm
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tags: just sittin' here and waiting for 8:00 epic island golf LOST Charlie Pace Dominic Monaghan Hugo Reyes Jorge Garcia Shannon Rutherford Maggie Grace Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder graphics mine